ToolTwist is a web/mobile development platform designed to scale and make optimal use of people, equipment and capital.
ToolTwist is a serious tool for serious companies. Ask, the world's largest Apple distributor.
ToolTwist has been designed to minimize costs across the board, from staffing to equipment. All claims are qualifiable and quantifiable through discussion with customers.
Salary containment
Staff seeking salary leverage due to their unique knowledge of inherent technical complexity is a thing of the past as functional entities are isolated and integration automated.
Facilitates reusable functional entities
SmartWidgets™ are independent of structure and data, thus enabling non-technical deployment and reuse.
ToolTwist maintains a library of standard SmartWidgets™, combined with customer-shared SmartWidgets™, as part of the standard ToolTwist offering, thus reducing costs and improving time to market.
Enables controlled use of intelligent, offshore professional services
Due to ToolTwist's segregation of creative, production, functionality, deployment and optimization, production and deployment tasks can be executed by intelligent, low cost, non-technical personnel.
Minimizes hardware required
To minimize dependency on excessive hardware necessary to cope with peak loads, ToolTwist enables developers to invoke Semi-Static* pages containing semi-dynamic content based on variable time dependent parameters. This results to the eradication of unnecessary and system consuming dynamic pages.
Facilitates deployment across devices
This is due to ToolTwist's segregation of creative, production, functionality, deployment and optimization.
Services can be designed for multiple footprints - desktops, pad or mobile phone. Optimization is varied depending on the target device and their characteristics.
Output can be in the form of Web Apps or can be transitioned into iPhone apps depending on requirements.
Consequently, services can reach across all browsers and run on all mobile devices, significantly minimizing development costs.
Empowers intelligent, low cost labor
By empowering non-technical production, deployment and optimization, ToolTwist reduces dependence on expensive technical resources.
Minimal time to train production staff
Where tools such as Dreamweaver may take inexperienced staff weeks, if not months, to be productive in, ToolTwist newbies are productive within days. This is a substantial claim and material to any decision. We invite you to challenge and question this claim.
This asset alone reduces costs substantially.
*patent pending
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