ToolTwist is a web/mobile development platform designed to scale and make optimal use of people, equipment and capital.
ToolTwist is a serious tool for serious companies. Ask, the world's largest Apple distributor.
Your Business
In today's world, time to market puts enormous pressure on everyone to perform. The aim of ToolTwist is to eliminate excuses and make heroes out of our customers.
ToolTwist has been designed to enable IT to satisfy the demands of Marketing or for Marketing to work independent of IT and build sophisticated Web and Mobile services without delay.
Typically, ToolTwist is used by either the Marketing department, because they want to get the job done without having to put up with the IT workload, or by any IT department that realizes the business depends on rapid results to be competitive.
Either way, ToolTwist has been designed to leverage the skills of both IT and Marketing so your company can be more competitive.
Our Business
To compliment the ToolTwist production platform, the group relies on our sister company Twist Resources, an offshore professional services company with a range of skills that augment our customer's needs for creative, production through to deep technical - teams that offer full service solutions from the smallest web sites to the most complex web facing applications.
To compete ToolTwist and Twist Resources management recognized that costs were forcing development offshore but with skilled resources in short supply and faced with the challenge of scaling teams to meet demand and still deliver the highest standard output, management had to address the crucial issues facing remote project development.
Where as conventional development tools are focused on technical productivity we concluded that to excel using offshore resources we have to focused on isolating logic and reduce coding to a minimum.
Using ToolTwist, Twist Resources has small technical teams focused on building reusable, 'deployment wrapped', client and server side functionality, that remains independent of data and structure.
'Independent' of technical resources ToolTwist Resources employ 'non-technical' production teams that address branding, creative graphics and structure, leaving optimization and deployment to ToolTwist automation.
ToolTwist's outstanding architecture enables Twist Resources and our partners to scale, as much of the work can be executed by quick to train, low cost intelligent resources and for us and our customers this is 'very big deal'.
ToolTwist makes us and our partners highly competitive because we can train, scale and respond in a manner that leaves our competitors gasping for air.