ToolTwist is a web/mobile development platform designed to scale and make optimal use of people, equipment and capital.
ToolTwist is a serious tool for serious companies. Ask, the world's largest Apple distributor.
Our executives have managed teams globally from the US, Europe and Asia.  We understand the importance of quality and the expectations of senior management because that is who we are.

ToolTwist is the culmination of 25 years of building mission critical systems, software tools and high performance enterprise applications.

ToolTwist’s designers have been involved in most industry sectors and fully understand the needs of the business as well as the limitations of software development.
We have delivered mission critical projects on time and within budget to BHP, Coca Cola, Chicago Stock Exchange, Dupont, Dow Chemicals, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Telstra, PCCW, Citibank and many more.  We know our business and we are here to serve you.
With our HQ in Hong Kong, Customer Service Offices in Sydney and New York and Development center in the Philippines, we satisfy customers in Australia, Asia and the US.
Meeting expectations and having our customer hold our work in high regard is crucial to our sense of satisfaction. We have reduced our costs by moving development offshore but not our principals.
Our team has 7 approved patents and 4 pending material patents. We create and pass on breakthrough technology to our clients.